Friday, November 28, 2008

One Day Late

hey everyone and happy turkey day. haha. i know im a day late but u cant blame a kid for having a fever on thanksgiving and sleeping all day because he was dizzy and his body ached and he had the chills. not to mention a 102.7 fever.(yes, the Bomb) haha. and also not eating that much on thanksgiving night because everything tasted bitter:[ but i guess now that im feeling a little better after going to the doctor i can write this blog. btw, i know im gonna say really short stuff, and im sry cuz i have soo much to say, but im still really sick, so bare with me:]
ok so lets start with the family. i love them sooo much because they're gonna love me no matter what. even if i dont think so, they would go out of there way to help me get anywhere in life. even if we have all our arguments, u guys know a lot of ways to make me smile even if it is the stupidest thing to laugh at. like when grandma tripped on that step leading into aunties living room. haha. wait, thats kind of bad isnt it. well u get what i mean. im so thankful for all of u.
next is my second family which is Lifeteen. haha. well, to be honest with u, the story was i was so afraid to join lifeteen because i thought it was just all these snobby kids who were too spiritual. turned out i was wrong. haha. u guys changed my life for the better and this past year has been probably one of the greatest years of my life thanks to u guys.
next is the sponsor, anthony. u jerk. haha. i know im a lot to handle and ive gotten u in the biggest ur life. but i know that no matter what you'll always love me and i always love u. come on, i created the word sponsidate for us. haha.
next is liz. i love u like a fat kid loves twinkies. haha. ive known u since 7th grade but we only got close what in 9th. and now u have my back even if we get into stupid arguments about how to cut paper. haha. love u best friend.
ok, so now is kimberly dela cruz. i know we only got close what a year ago. but ever since then youve been there for me like a hoodlum on crack. haha. but yeah, even if ur in washington i know ur still watching over me and who can't love u for that.
kk dyllan. haha. so yes, i accept that ur korean at heart even if u really aren't. but i gotta thank u for always being there for me even when i was being a complete idiot or when i told u a big secret. u never get mad and u never open ur mouth, which is good and gotta love u for that.
char char, everytime i need help ur there and u know anytime u need me im there for u too. u always have my best interest at heart and i love u for that.
next is jen. first off u talk too much. haha. second u dont know how to drive so i've heard. and third i love u for all ur imperfections.
jellybebs aka loujel. u know how u think im the spiritual one. i think ur more spiritual than me. even if we only got close through the past retreat every moment we had together has been great and i cherish all of that.
mailyn. wow. what a year of deja vu, huh. haha. but i know through everything you'll always be that girl whos gonna make me smile whenever i see her. and yeah, lets hope we never forget our night under the stars. hahah. love u mai.
speaking of mai, jamaica. haha. we've been through a lot mofo. more than i've gone through with any friend in my life. haha. but remember that heart i gave u, philia, i meant every single word i said and im never gonna take that back.
katrina and jeff. haha. decided to combine u two cuz im getting super dizzy from staring at this screen. but jeff, i will never leave u as a friend and u know that and u can always come to me for advice. and katrina im glad we got to know each other more and i hope we can get closer. what can i say, i love campaneros. haha.
kim and mixxel. the wierd bunch. haha. kim even if u like to say meh in the most inappropriate times u have helped me through a lot this year. and mixxel, i know i can be a complete dick to u but i do it out of love. haha. and i do love u guys both.
lastly, sarah and andrea. my sponsors away from my sponsor. need i say more.

i know i missed some people but let me say that all the people ive met through life im thankful for because each and every one of u have made a difference in my life. like i said i could go on and on but i still feel really sick. so thanks everyone and happy belated turkey day. -Ryan:]


samichtu said...

aww love you ryan! :]

Loujel ^o^ said...

i love you ryan (:

charm. said...

aww, ryan(: i love you