Friday, January 30, 2009


so i wrote a blog a year ago entitled "My Senior." Remember that? it was a time where i spelt "know" like "knoe." lol. so i was reading this blog and this is the one paragraph that stood out.

"April 17, 2008...haha...the last time i updated this blog was awhile ago...well my still...kinda...really...dont knoe about u anymore...theres one half of me that feels like its time to move on...but...i don't...and its stupid...i miss seeing u a lot...a can't go even 10 minutes without having one thought of u...damn...fallin hard much...but to tell u the truth i have another person in mind...but that doesnt compare to wat i have 4 to the lucky people readin this...yes...i'm still in love with a senior..."

catch my drift?-Ryan:[

Monday, January 26, 2009

No Words

No words can explain what happened at this past confirmation retreat. but one thing i do know is that im blessed. i know that God is real, the Holy Spirit is real, and Jesus is real. and i believe in Him 4ever. haha. and im so glad that i have the people in my confirmation class. this retreat wouldnt have been special without u guys.and i have the best sponsor in the whole entire universe. UNIVERSE! i guess after this retreat im so happy that i have God and OLPH in my life.

no words can explain what happened at this retreat no matter how hard we try to figure it out. all we know is God is real and every block on my tower is thanks to him. i guess this tower is getting a little too tall huh? -Ryan:]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shhhh!!! They're Reading!

when i first started Ryan's Building Blocks i planned it just to be an outlet for church lessons and putting it together with my life. but dude, this thing evolved. who knew this blog would become like a diary of sorts. like i wrote about tadpole, thoughts, bad days, good days, random stuff, and did i mention tadpole? lol.

but what i forgot about this thing is that its public! haha. like a friend told me today that their catch phrase was said at lifeteen showing that people read blogs that we dont even know. and it got me thinking. who is reading my blog? i mean i got my stalkers on the left hand corner of your screen, but who the hell is viewing my blog that i dont know of?

for one thing i know that a teacher read my blog. a teacher i extremely dislike>__< and so did my friends who dont have a blog but love me. lol. but through this blog a lot of people figured me out and certainly found out who tadpole was. but...this blog has helped me open up a lot more. and its about time people start unfolding this puzzle huh. so to all the people who read my blogs under or above the radar, thanks. good to know you guys love me enough to read about me and somewhat care!? haha.

so no tresspassing because the blocks are piling up. -Ryan:]

Monday, January 19, 2009


not sick anymore. hoooooorray! lol. kk anyway choices. what's funny about choices is that you made them...right? i ponder this a lot because i believe God does create a path but is it already created or is it created day by day from what you choose? but this isnt those religious blogs. no sir.

so a couple nights ago when i couldnt sleep i started thinking of this guy. at one point i used to look up to him. he was like this cool guy who seemed pretty cool and had the same interests in me... to a we went on this retreat and it so happened he was my group leader. he was like a couple years older than me so i thought it was wierd. and dude we bonded. at one point i was gonna ask him to be my sponsor. but with one snap of a finger, he changed in a way. and i changed in a way. and by choice i picked someone else to be my sponsor and always thought what happened. so i CHOSE to stop talking to him. i mean i wasnt mad it was just one of those things like you knew he was supposed to be someone to look up to like a sponsor but tured out to be the opposite.

so now i look back at that and think did i make the wrong choice? and if i did would i go back and fix it? the answer to both of those questions is no. i made that decision for a reason so why regret it. and that goes for every decision in my life. so where i am, im all chill. maybe i can get a good nights sleep now. put a block on that tower son. -Ryan:]

Friday, January 16, 2009

With One Storm Comes Two

yo. so i havent blogged in awhile, but today...i have something to blog about. first, today was the supposed storm. haha. that meant no school which was great...until i woke up. i just so happened to catch strep throat durng the night. it hurt so badddd.

so i decided why not go doctor right. wait for my mom and all of a sudden we get into an argument. something about me being lazy. oh well. so we get in the car and are off to the doctor. then other stuff happened and soon enough were in West Lock in the car just waiting. ugh! so ghetto huh. we didnt make it to the doctor and my mom and me werent talking at all. so my dad picks me up and we go home cuz im fricken tired. but that time in the car in West Lock made me think of how weak me and my family could be sometimes. luckily everything had straigtened out at home and were all one big happy family again...for now. thank God for retreat next weekend. so let the Building Blocks fall and for all of it up! -Ryan:]

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free Genki?

hi everyone! so i havent blogged since the 1st day of 2009 so here it is to quench ur thirst.
so u know what i hate...broken promises. hate em. like whats been happening a lot lately, "i'll call u back." i mean i get it if its once or twice but frick so many times. and im not singling out anybody cuz so may people did it to me this year and last year. haha. and it just gets to me. idk y? just does. i mean one time i woke up at 7 in the morning thinking that i was going out at 8. no call back. so i ended up calling them and time changed to 11. wtf!
haha. ok so u know what i love...being treated to Genki. it makes u feel rich, when in reality ur sooo poor u cant afford a yellow plate. my sister treated me to Genki 3 times this week out of the 4 times we went. haha. so good yeah. but feels good making the person who fricken yells at u 24/7 to pay for ur food.
and if u havent heard i got a haircut. haha. its gonna grow in to this look ive wanted for awhile. so if youve seen it and hate it...just wait brah! haha. so with that Let the Blocks Fall cuz this is Ryan's Building Blocks! (Hooray for catchphrase!) -Ryan:]

Thursday, January 1, 2009

09 Gotta Pay The Fine!

haha. so its officially 2009 which means resolution, resolution, resolution. so here they are folks.

1. Go to church and lifeteen every Sunday.
2. Leave my hair down...
3. Learn how to cook more than rice and saimin. lol.
4. Play with Eeyore(my pupster) more often.
6. Get my permit and license.
7. Bring Kim to Ward Genki
8. Become Senior Class President
9. Get closer to my sponsor again.
10. Make a PSA on my own.
11. Be MADE into a wrestler.
12. Learn how to play my guitar.
13. Gain/get closer to my friends.
14. Do well on AP Exams and SAT
15. Go to the mainland.
16. Drop grudges...and make new ones. lol jk.
17. Stop spending money on food.
18. Get a job at Pacsun!
20. Emcee 09 Grad
21. Forget Tadpole...for good.

and there it is. Cant wait for 09.