Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life is Funny

haha. so i guess i felt like writing a blog because today was really funny. well to me anyway. so i woke up and it was STILL RAINING. hooray:]. haha i like the rain it keeps me calm. but my poor dog. yeah he probably hates it cuz he cant pee on the grass. poor thing.
so around 11 i get a call from rams saying he bought me a bento for lunch. a check off the list for life ambitions. haha. a teacher to be my hoe and buy me food. jk rams. haha. so then i get to school eat my food and clumsily drop it. haha. typical ryan.
so after i finish eating i go to the gym. i walk in and im greated by cheerleaders checking me out. yeah, that made my day. haha. next thing u know im walking up in a VIP area. behing the yellow tape. and i start taking pics. and then someone catches my eye and i take pictures and keep showing jeff. haha. poor jeff. probably got irritaated with me showing him the same picture over and over. haha. sry jeff.
so i keep taking pics and the gym makes my white jacket dirty. thanks gym. so i keep taking pictures of nonsense cuz all my shots look amature next to kirsten. boy can take a mean picture. next thing u know im sitting down talking to my favorite sophomore Glory and we tease the crazy lady in front of us for screaming too much and how we scream Campbell during every performance. haha. so then i get a call from my stalker. literally. mai was right behind me. haha. wierdo. so i tell her to come sit by us and she steals my camera to take sexy pictures of me. wait, gotta be humble...wth they were still sexy. haha. sry sarah.
so more performances and everything and it finally ends and im in rams room talking about the Wii Fit and how it got my uncle healthier. and now he calls me off the hook to ask me if its really gonna work. haha. i love rams. so he drops me off to jamaicas house, rams that is, and we start practicing jams sweet 16 thing. dude this is my 3rd court thing and im still not the last guy. wth. haha. thanks erin, kim, and now jamaica. frick be humble ryan.
so i get there, me and ezra dance and we were the best, haha, and iwa, lets just say we have some new dance moves. haha. so next thing u know everyone is gone and a couple of us left. i start talking to katrina cuz she was the one friend i didnt get to know completely yet. and i found out a lot. so i leave with mark and jen and now im home. haha. kk. pretty cool day. oh yeah congrats to caslene's little cousin cuz of his break dancing skills and our James Campbell HS cheerleaders cuz they did so good today... wait nm they didnt perform right...i kid i kid:] another block on the tower that screams spirit. haha.-Ryan:]


samichtu said...

haha i love how you mention me :] so cute you! pray about being humble, though ;]

It's Mailyn fool! said...

Default those sexy pictures (:
and credit them to me!