Sunday, November 23, 2008

All The "The's" in Life

so lifeteen always seems to bring out something i least expect. last week was some chick and some dream. haha. but this lifenight seemed to bring out all the "the's" in life. haha.
so this lifenight was about Father. who can't love him? hes so sweet, nice, and of course a polar bear. haha. but tonight had to be the wierdest lifenight in awhile.
so first i get to lifeteen and i felt like leaving my bag in the car. i was shocked in myself. haha. but when i get to the car it mysteriously doesn't want to open. "The Bag" is damn possessed. haha. jk.
next "the" is "the sponsor." not much. its just that he stayed in the back the whole time. and sat down. idk. it seemed important,but i guess i feel stupid now because its kinda nonsense huh? haha. whatever still love the guy.
so church ends and i say goodbye to "The Auntie." and from there lifeteen. and lifeteen was...interesting. so first thing that happens is i get to the breezeway and immediately see leila. and as if God wanted to poke fun at me, leila asks me to help her write a letter to her cousin. "The Cousin" haha. yes the cousin i was madly in love with for like a year. ugh. and its hard to think that everytime im there at lifeteen, something always reminds me of tadpole. and it literally makes every step harder to take away from tadpole.
ok but moving on. btw, "The Sponsor" mysteriously dissappears. haha. kk. so now fter dinner we move onto "The Skits" and our skit was if father didnt have auntie julie. first let me say our skit was supposed to be better. but nate and me messed it up. and that other guy, i dont even know his name, said auntie julie was a 20 year old virgin. WTF dude, that wasnt in the script. haha.
so next was "The Baldovino." he gave me his Twilight stub. haha. Challenge #3, accomplished. hahah. good job micheal. ok so now lets skip a couple other parts. Wait, "The Video." once again, WHERE WAS RYAN? first the audition tapes now the thank you father video. come on sherwin.
ok but lest move onto peace. so "The Girl #1" i gave the biggest hug i've ever given to anyone at lifeteen. haha. that wasnt meant to creep u out. but i wanted to prove how strong i was. literally. haha. and then "The Same Girl" from last week hits me in the eye after the greatest hug i've ever given to her or anybody. it still hurts. thanks "Girl #1." and then "The Girl #2" haha. she doesnt really matter much in a "more than friend kinda way" but she does choose not to text message me and scolds me for not texting her. like wth. haha. but yeah.
then things come full circle as leila comes back to me and asks me why i dont wanna write to her cousin. whatever. haha. but that was lifenight. i think i totally went off from all the "the's" in life and just ranted in this blog. haha. but whatever. another block on the tower. oh yeah, i forgot to mention that another check off the list in life accomplishments. i saw a nun talk on her cell phone in church. haha. example mailyn and sarah on how nuns arent the best thing to become. haha.

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samichtu said...

i told you i'm not gonna become a nun! God wants me to get married! ...i think... haha :] well, we'll just see where He takes me, okay? :]