Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jacket Obsession

so apparently thanks to all my friends i've been announced as Jacket ADDICTED! haha. like wth. is that possible.?!!
so it all started in second period yesterday. mj, being mj, has to stand up and announce that i have the best jackets he's ever seen. GREAT! haha. the whole class looks at me and starts nodding their head. can it get anymore awkward? then in third yesterday, i forget who, but someone asked me how many jackets i exactly have. sorry kiddo. idk. haha.
so today im siiting in second period and i get paired with Brittany for "Spanish Partner work" as Ecuadorian Obsessed Teacher likes to call it. we had Stan in our group too, but he didn't talk. and Brittany starts asking me more questions on my jacket obsession. and we actually stop working just so we could figure out how many jackets i exactly have. we got up to 12, until she said stop cuz i made her feel poor. sorry Brittany. not my fault><
haha. so i get to NHS and Jamaica get cold and steals my jacket. once again another jacket compliment and another question on how much i exactly have. haha. so overkill. but anyways yeah, i am kinda obsessed with jackets and don't know exactly how much i have. oh well, more to come i guess. haha.block for every jacket on the tower. man my tower's gonna get tall. -Ryan:]

btw. so im not as obsessed with hair as mr. cuda* is. haha! lol><

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