Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Girls Who Wanted to Become Nuns

so i guess im tired of writing sob blogs about this tadpole kid. haha. so i guess im gonna write something a little lighter. so last night was Sponsidate Night and we were "supposed" to go bowling. its funny how things never work out huh? cuz instaed we went Anna Millers just in time for my order to get mixed up and mailyn to win some stuffed animal. haha.
so this blog was promised to Sarah and Mailyn. haha. they both wanna become nuns because they can't find a "MAN". haha. i just couldnt help but laugh because these chicks are super hot and all they need to do is go to a club and say hi to some guy and they fall in love. DUH! and to top things off do they know that i'm SINGLE!!!! like wth!!! haha. but im being humble....
so last time i wanna hear u guys r gonna become nuns ok!!! not all the hot guys are gay. come on. haha. and mailyn no more sad blogs of finding no man. haha. if u want start off with a boy and then use blocks to build him into a man. i kid. i kid. well done with my nun blog. i guess im back to lame tadpole blogs again until December. kk well later kiddos. block on the tower.b -Ryan:]


Drea96706 said...

forget them .. lol
write 1 4 me now !! hahaha jk
love u best friend !!!

samichtu said...

hahahaha omg, this totally made me laugh! i am SO joking about becoming a nun--i'm just not looking for a boyfriend right now silly :] and I REFUSE TO MEET A GUY IN THE CLUB, ok? :] i'm old fashioned still! but thanks for making this blog, it made my boring day a little more entertaining.

Mailyn Almira said...

LMAO! i love your blog, but that still wont prevent me to write my sob-over-no-boyfriend blogs (:

I love you RYAN<3