Saturday, November 8, 2008

Take the Change...And Run

so i logged onto myspace. and i read my horoscope, because it was there. and it told me you've changed soooo much in the past year and it's time to change again. at first i sat there and was like, ok, the first part is right. i mean last year i was ryan, the popular kid that a lot of people didnt know very well. now i'm ryan, the funny, popular, and AMAZINGLY HOT KID who goes to church and is smart. haha. but im being humble:P.
so i thought a little more. around this time last year my life took a dramatic turn. i really dont consider it for the better or for the worse. i was kinda in the middle. well, at this time i started really getting into church. it's one of the things that keep me sane. and i think around this time i picked my sponsor too. everything was great. until my worst nightmare happened. i met tadpole.
now i met tadpole before this point, but i started only getting to know tadpole now. the christmas musical. wow. i miss those days. but thats where i developed feelings. and my life turned upside down. to think a year later i'd be reading a horoscope about change scares me.
i mean my life has seriously changed. but another change? what is there to change. i sat there and pondered. things ran through my mind. should i change my hair? no. should i change my style? no. i knew that i had to change whats on the inside, but at this time i need to wait. wait until Decemer when tadpole comes back. i can't change until i close the thing that changed me in the first place. i know u know tadpole. i know it. so im not gonna put a block on the tower. screw that. until December. btw, look out for the last installments of Dear Tadpole...i hope.b-Ryan:]


ben_kimberly said...
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Keem :3 said...

i looove this "unny, popular, and AMAZINGLY HOT KID who goes to church and is smart"!


Keem :3 said...

i spelled funny wrong..

so lame!

Mai's World said...

lol. i dont think your popular, funy, and amazingly hot. haha jk!

i love you ryan (: