Saturday, February 28, 2009

These Walls

i notice that i dont like to open up to much people at all. what's funny is i can be the most loud and outspoken person in the room, but sometimes i can be the quietest. i hate it. but i cant really change it. i was kinda built that way. it takes a lot for me to trust someone. so yeah, thats why im not a talkbox at times. which may explain my problem with a certain something in my life. but, that is my little token for now.

speaking of tokens, i noticed that my pig is getting full of tokens but none of them as shiny as the one i had before. many of them come close. one token in particular. idk why i feel that when this one token talks to another token i get super jealous. its stupid lol. dumb token! the building blocks make no cents anymore? get it cents is like sense. lol.

and a little lent update. i have stayed true to the whole meat thing. havent cheated, yet. haha. i hope i dont slip up. i still seriously havent found what im giving up on yet. or gaining. can you say super behind? what i dont get is when people give up something ridiculous. like rice. i mean how is giving up rice gonna bring you closer to God? lol. one thing i cant give up...building blocks. Ryan:]

i dont like this blog. im gonna build a new one><
but you guys read it anyway^__^

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Funny

so today was the beginning of lent. it was great except for the cold weather and the loads of homework. can't wait to fail a trig test again:[ anyway it's funny how this years beginning of such a wonderful season in the church can be so different from one year ago.

one year ago i made a call to someone to pick me up. they didnt answer the first time but called me back. told me that they'll be there in a few cuz they were taking a shower. next thing you know i hopped into that silver thing and we were off. please don't stop the music was playing on the radio and we talked about the AP classes i would be taking at the point im at now. told me i was crazy and was gonna die. so far im alive and passing. lol. but got to church and told them that they left their lights on. after they turned them off, walked into church and stayed in the back while they found a seat in the front. got the ashes on my forehead and mass ended. waited for what seemed like an hour to go home with them only to be swooped up into my sponsors car instead. teased me about how i didnt ride with them and argued until i got home 2 minutes later. forgave each other and sat in my room and thought for a long time.

its funny how i remember that night to a tee. but tonight, was super different from last year. i wasnt as happy. not even close. i guess i do miss a lot of things. so what am i giving up for lent? more like what im gonna gain from it. but one things for sure, i need to give up on these memories. building blocks for 40 days and 40 nights. -Ryan:]

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Urban Dictionary

these three defininitions of my name is super funny

1. Ryan-the cutest guy ever, and has the greatest respect for girls, is funny, and very very LOVING!

2. Ryan-A name, which is commonly both a first or last name, which is very often confused with Brian. Its Irish roots define the name as "little king".

3. Ryan-A noble ganster who shoots unstabel niggers

i like the urban dictionary.
[insert block comment here] -Ryan:]

Jet Crash Enclosed

I find it cool to say the word jet now. i think its my favorite word. lol. well apart from my new jet obsession, i would like to say that ryan has now put himself in a new category. so today i let my inner beyonce out. aka diva. haha.

so i absolutely hate when people never know how to keep their comments to themselves and think that they rule the world. not to say that i dont want to rule the world, lol, but at least im not obnoxious enough to interrupt everyone if they dont believe the same thing i do. so today i decided to play that character with two people who do this shit everyday. haha. felt good to give em a piece of their own medicine. felt bad afterwards though. its not me to just do that yaknow. haha. but oh well.

today i also did something i havent done in awhile. chapel time for ryan. the best thing when your day is just tiring and stressful is to have a sit down with God and just talk. i love talking out loud in there. its so peaceful^___^

lastly i never realized how much i cared about this person, but i do. i really hope this person doesnt get hurt. i guess when people ask me who i sort of look up to now, i might have an answer. lol. oh and to answer the question on my last blog, it takes approximately 12 blocks to smash a teacher. ^__- -Ryan:]

Monday, February 16, 2009

See Spot Run?

so today was the Great Aloha Run. but before that lets backtrack. so last night was lifenight and the much anticipated,(but much questioned) landon and sarah's wedding. but the night turned out to listening to Father Alex(lol) talking about the same damn thing all over again. irked much? haha. so we ate dinner, laughed at jamaica, and had deep conversation with tiffany and rjay plus andrea. it was about inner issues. cant go deep into that one. but it'll all unfold sooner or later. ::cough:: retreat ::cough:: lol. but then had a sit down with sarah and got tough love. haha. but was worth every second.

so then got home around 10 and then watched tv. headed to bed but didnt sleep due to my over active imagination and contemplative thinking. ugh! and i had to leave the house at 3:40 AM. GREAT! so left the house met at Starbucks around 4 and rode with winnie all the way to the water station by Wendys. it was worth waking up at 4 in the morning to throw cold water at people until shaun threw his water at me><. right in my face. lol. so then after Great Aloha Run a couple of us went cruising to Zippy's, then Yogurtland, and then Jungle Fun in Ala Moana. lol. i got to drive. haha. and i never crash into anything! three claps for ryan:]

Then got home and Crashed. haha. luckily Pokemon had a marathon to wake me up. btw one question, how many blocks does it take to smash a teacher? -Ryan:]

Friday, February 13, 2009

What's The Skinny?

ive been busy! haha. kk so i am officially Junior Newswriting Editor in training. lol. i finally understand what it takes to make 20 pages of news that might end up in a trash can in two weeks. it better not though, cuz making that thing takes a lot of time, creativity, and a lot of patience(something im not very good at><) but now i like praise angeline. shes amazing at doing what she does.

well NHS hasnt been very good. plans are always changing and mistakes are always made. mostly by the Juniors. sorry. lol. but i hope we can make everything smoother. and math is killing me and a whole lot of other upperclassmen. i mean most of us are failing because its hard to say one word without hearing a sophomore ask a question. one in particular><. haha. but im making that up. now i have a C. horrible but better than an F.

then theres the election. omg. biggest election EVER. haha. running for President so please support me on March 3 by voting in room G107. tell all your friends. once again my full name is LORD RYAN LIZARDO. so please check my box. haha.

then today on Friday the 13th i got my permit. haha. long time coming. but now i can drive...well legally anyway. today i also went to Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and afterward walked around Campbell with liz reminiscing on how were all grown up. lame! lol. btw im starting to like in someone with. huh? haha. so blocks on the tower, one block falls, and finally smashes a frog. -Ryan:] (sometimes i confuse myself)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

May The Game Begin

hey everyone so i know i havent blogged in awhile, right? lol. well heres to quench your thirst. so i'm starting to see that i can be very sneaky, observative, and deceptive. i have all these plans up my sleeve and its finally coming into action. do i obsess over this? NO. but sometimes i cant help but feel like i need to be playing a game at all times to get ahead in life. that may make no sense but whatever.

i mean these plans arent bad. not at all. some of them revolve aroud church. some of them revolve around school. and some may revolve around the craziest things. but they arent bad. see my game is to see how i can get ahead of the pack without getting too ahead of myself. currently my game has taken a whole new level. im starting to realize the people i need in life are the people in front of me. and i love them all. (haww touching moment right><)certain people care for you enough to do anything they can to help you get ahead of life. but there are some people you really cherish that try to stop your life in a way without even knowing it. do i have a friend like that? yup. we all do.

see a friend of mine plans his life three years in advance. a game i will never play. haha. but he's taught me that i have to start strategizig for the future if you know what i mean.

but what's the point here. see i try to get ahead in life with the support from the people i know want to help me in the game. and now i just need to make a choice of whether or not to get rid of the people holding me back. see as my tower grows higher my game gets a little more complicated. and now with another block on top of it lets hope that it doesnt completely topple over. -Ryan:]

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