Thursday, November 13, 2008


so like the past few days i've been rethinking about a lot of things. i mean yeah im busy, but i find myself thinking about things and not getting stuff done. so might as well write it out huh?
so lets start with the first thing thats been troubling me. the whole road incident on Sponsidate night 3. and some of u know what happened. and the consequences...are bad. so please keep my sponsor in ur prayers.
second is my controversial friendship with jamaica. haha. but i guess we've had our issues cuz we both have the same dreams. and when the other one achieves it we get jealous. i guess. but im starting to realize that our friendship will never be "normal." but idk what that exactly means.
third is what im gonna do about the whole tadpole situation. i guess im ready to let go. i think i've thought long enough to see all the possible scenerios when i do tell tadpole...well IF i tell tadpole. but i think i know where im going with this one. thanks a lot kim for creating doubt. not kim ben. the other one><
and fourth is something or someone else that's bothering me. im starting to realize that my dreams speak to me on some levels. and lately i've been having these dreams about this one person. like u ever had those feeling that ur meant to be with that person, but ur not too sure? yeah that's how i feel right now. but idk. btw, this isnt about tadpole. haha.
so yeah, i've been thinking lately about this. and its starting to pile up. i guess i need another reinvention and as my sponsor always says...pray on it. so four blocks on the floor ready to go on the tower. i hope. -Ryan:]

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Loujel ^o^ said...

when life gets you down, just keep praying just keep praying just keep praying praying praying (:

"when life gets you down, just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming"
--finding nemo