Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pros and Cons

so frick. so there are pros and cons to being sick. seriously. so lets start off easily with the pros. so pros i didnt need to go to school. YES! and i coud sleep in and dance around naked at home. haha. i kid i kid. but yeah no school means no stress. and it means u can do whatever u want.
but seriously there are some stupid cons. so one is u are in pain. haha. i dont think ive ever felt so sluggish in my life. second is u dont get to see ur friends before the big 4 day weekend. haha. no plans to all bring turkey and eat it in Ms. Thomas's classroom during lunch. and third, woah this bit me in the ass. so i get a call from my little cousin Brooks, and there gonna go watch Bolt. and im sick so no Bolt for me. LIKE WTF! haha. i was soo hyped up for Bolt because that dog looks like my dog and everything and it has a thunderbolt tattoo that ive always wanted. soooooooooooo junk. ugh i really wanted to go. so there are the damn pros and cons of being sick. can someone please take me to see Bolt. cuz i really really wanna go. haha. i feel so lame.

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