Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Final Installment

wow. so ummm, i wrote a blog awhile ago thinking that i would hate writing another one. but frick, im still kinda dissappointed, feel stupid, yeah. all that shizzz.
but this blog isnt about that. well im the type of person that takes risks. and its stupid of me but i do it. so lets get that clear. but this blog isnt about all the drama going on right now. its about my long battle that has finally ended.
i have the closure i needed for tadpole. so tadpole isnt the person for me. instead i think i know who the right person for me is...whether i know them or i dont.
i feel like im rambling but here it is everyone. so after confirmation i get a call. from my washington girl who's always there for me and she broke the news i needed to hear. and u guys can infer from there. but tadpole...that phase is over. im ready to let go and move on. seriously. and December, all i have to worry about is the damn awkwardness. but for now im done again. im gonna give myself two blocks for today. -Ryan:]

btw, Charmaine im praying for u.

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samichtu said...

and I am praying for you, Ryan :]