Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back From MIA

hey everyone. so i havent wrote a blog in awhile. but im back everyone. haha.
well part of the reason i've been gone is that i've been super busy. like with class and deadlines and everything. especially being sick. i've been a record sick for two weeks now. haha. thats a first. second reason i've been gone is i've had nothing to talk about. i mean im finally in a place where im free of drama and free of strings. no crushes, no family issues, and no tadpole...surprisingly. just trying to focus on school and all this other stuff. but it's been great. i mean i know my friends brought up that i havent been as fun lately and when they talk to me i zone out. haha. but sry kiddos. i'll try to listen next time. i mean im still the weird cooky ryan on the inside.
btw, please tell me if u thought i was a snob when u first met me. haha. i've been hearing that a lot lately. a lot of "ryan i thought u were a snob. but turned out ur one of the nicest people ever." haha. thats great to hear even the 50th time around. oh yeah and other updates, i was voted most spirited, i still have a D in chem, im switching out of chem to go into rams 3rd period, i will be playing joseph in the christmas musical, and i will be posting a christmas wish list soon. jk. well a block on the tower. -Ryan:]

ps. how do u know when tadpoles turn into frogs. haha. look out for my next blog:]

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