Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Sponsidate Night

so this was the first Halloween i actually did something worth getting in trouble for. haha. so it was the second ever Sponsidate night. and probably gonna be the best one were gonna have in awhile. so we started off with the haunted plantation. which was pretty dope. haha. only bad part was this lady kept running into me and mailyn. so fricken irking. but it was still kinda scary. stupid chainsaw guy.
then we headed down to meet all sherwin, andrea, and jumar them. it was cool how lifeteen just met up huh. then we headed down to the cemetary. that i'll keep as a private moment for us.
next we headed down to Zippys at Windward Mall. Ate me some teri hamburger steak. mmm mmm good.
and then we did a semi-around the island tour. and we took pictures and went for a long ride where me and anthony had major sposidate bonding. next thing you know it was 1:30 and we were at wal-mart. haha.
got home around 2:30 and from there snooooooooooooooze. bottomline this was probably the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER! haha, and it really got my mind off tadpole for a little. last night kinda was a wakeup call for what i have to do and what i have to expect in my future. just know a lot of jealousy and revelations are to come. but for now a good block on my tower. -Ryan:]

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