Friday, November 21, 2008

Let Down...Ummm...

so i went to go see Twilight. was it worth it?...yeah. surprisingly it was better than i thought and lived up to the hype. hahaha. so yeah i watched it with jen, loujel, and a couple other people. lucky me get stuck behind some middle aged women who would go CRAZY when they see that edward cullen guy. cuz in their opinion he was "MMM MMM SO SEXY." haha. kinda made me laugh.
so i was watching the movie got really into it. but questions kept popping up in my mind. like if he kissed her will he kill her? or how that one vampire girl looked kinda hot when she threw the baseball. haha. yeah thoughts like that. and when the movie ended i wasn't satisfied cuz i wanted it to keep going. now that's what you call a good movie.
so we leave go cruise and get job applications at Pacsun. hopefully second time is the charm. hmm. so i felt kinda empty after the movie for a reason. i know y. but like a criminal im keeping my mouth shut. tell u why, just call me up? or leave a very concerned comment. haha. shiny block on the tower cuz its a "vampire" block. haha. kk. -Ryan:]

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