Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smile Kiddo

you know what,i love when people underestimate me because it gives me a chance to prove them wrong. ever since winning President i've had this whole thing that because im President i have to do everything perfectly. and its true. i have to make the best year for our Senior year. and i will. trust me i will. and i know i have a lot on my plate. and yes, today i officially took back the reigns. it was scary to know that people had to go to me again if anything went wrong. i relied on Jamaica a lot and i didnt even realize. but it just means i have to get used to the fact that im President again. but dont fricken expect me to be perfect right away. i mean nobody can just get back into the groove of something like that.

so yes. im stacked for next year. Senior Class President, Newswriting Editor, 2 AP Classes, College Applications, Saber Media, Teaching Confirmation 2 and not to mention make a Kick Ass speech for graduation. and guess what...I KNOW I DESERVE ALL OF IT. i worked my ass off to get where i am. and if you think i dont deserve it your just fricken jealous. so to that bitch in council who wouldnt shut their mouth whenever i tried to talk i will make sure that will never happen again. just because you lost dont mean you have to be pissed at everything im doing. and to add on to that i am going to make the newspaper better. not to say it wasnt great this year, cuz i loved this years newspaper and editors. hooray for angie, alyssa, and ron. but me and vinh are gonna make it better. but if you think we dont deserve to be editors, well i dont see you in newswriting learning layout.

so continue to doubt me, because trust me i will prove you wrong. i have so many people to support me. especially God. and marinelle is right. let me be blunt and say i worked my ass off for this and you didnt. so why should i listen to what you guys think cuz in the end guess who's in charge? so im gonna keep smiling kiddos and build my blocks. -Ryan:]

Monday, April 27, 2009

Blue's Clues

So i like the show Blue's Clues. Do they even show it anymore? Well, that's not the point. So anyway, i've learned that everyone in life is a detective. We all try to find the right clues in order to put a complicated puzzle together. and sometimes, the result isn't what we expected. If you were in my shoes you would be able to see how many mysteries i've been trying to solve. each of them having some special twist that i have to consider.

Have i missed out? i think i've over analyzed a mystery and in the end may have lost out on something that leaves me guessing, was i right all along? yes, every mystery has a twist. but sometimes the twist in a mystery could totally be your fault and you may not even know it. and in the end, if you didn't mess up, it could've been a mystery that once it was solved opened many doors of oppurtunity. but i leave the question of that one missing clue. In Blue's clues you need only 3 clues to solve a simple mystery that you know the answer to after clue #2. Not to mention how Steve never finds the clue until your yelling at the screen of how idiotic or blind he was. but we all are Steve once in awhile. totally blind to what's in front of us.

final thought(haha, i stole mai's thing) Blue's Clues needs only 3 clues and life needs many. I guess my tower was to high to see what could've been right in front of my face. -Ryan:]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love and Sex and Cactus

lol. i got that title from the Ciara song. anyway WELCOME BACK TO HAWAII RYAN! lol. it felt like i was gone forever. the traffic, the people, the emo, i mean i missed all of it for the 6 short days i was gone. but now im back and make my triumphant return into your lives. sorry, i like to pretend im a wrestler when i go away and return to make a huge splash. haha. im wierd like that.

so Arizona was way better than i expected. the shopping over there was fricken awesome. like the malls were huge. the people were fricken rude. like when we went to the planetorium, which was actually really cool, there was a field trip with this school. from that point on i hate elementary school kids from Arizona. they threw things at all of us. Esther and Alyssa wanted to smack them. At least Daniel pretended he had terets and scared the shit out of them. lol. oh yeah, i learned a lot at the convention too. gotta start prepping to become the new Newswriting Editor-in-Chief. oh and the JEA dance was fricken hilarious. we took pictures of all the sexual things on the dance floor. lol

that was Arizona. California was cool too. went to Disneyland for the first time and rode almost everything. i got heat exhaustion and almost collapsed. i made a kid cry because i said mickey mouse was a guy in a costume. and saw a little girl sleeping on the ground. all in fun. i think the funniest part of the trip was when Daniel prank called a McDonald's asking what to order. lol the lady told us to come look at the menu.

anyway the trip was awesome. but im back and ready to go back to school. well not school but see all the friends. haha. ok well Building Blocks is off intermission and will proceed shortly. -Ryan:]

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello From AZ

so its homework time in Phoenix which means time to BUILD BLOCKS! lol. no, im trying to catch up on Yoneshige's homework. well, Arizona is colder than i thought, its Great for Shopping, and the rice and water suck. haha. but its cool. so i'm using Ram's laptop to write this blog and i'm scared that he knows i'm using it for this.

so the whole convention is pretty cool. except the fact that we look like the total odd balls. like its wierd being the tourists when were used to bashing on them in Hawaii. there's a lot of white people and little to no Filipino's/Asians. haha. but hopefully we can catch a few before we leave. sessions are cool. me and ron have been partners for almost everything and our whole clan keeps getting shocked by our van. it's kinda hilarious when we get out and into the car. nobody wants to touch it and in the end we get shocked anyway.

so yeah, why are you guys texting me that you miss me after one day im gone. thanks:] good to see that you guys cant live 24 hours without Lord Ryan Lizardo. haha. but yeah. i miss you guys to. well sorta. JK. so now were gonna go do more shopping and see white kids get freaky on the dance floor. stay cool and keep building blocks or whatever you guys do on your blogs. Ryan:]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Jet Fast

ok so Lent is over. kinda late Ryan. lol. well yeah, so Lent is over and i feel like it's been a success. the only thing i regret is not making up with a certain teacher who could be squashed by about 12 blocks. haha. but as me and mailyn say...whatever.

So i got a 3.6 GPA for third term. i mean at least i passed trig with a C and damn was i lucky. i've met someone new. i ate at Genki sushi with more than 10 people at once. i'm about to leave to Arizona and Cali. i learned that i hated packing. you know the usual things. and Father told me in my confirmation interview that i have the Gift of Encouragement. lol. he said he felt at ease with me and that i make people feel at ease. haha.

there was only one disappointment this whole week. well actually a few. im not going Senior Prom with Jamaica. money was an issue. Prom may be at the gym next year. can you say GROSS. i left Easter Vigil early to go to a party. and i had to get over someone for the better of myself><

either way im glad im gonna be gone for 6 days. because as random and busy as i may be, i need a well deserved break from school, family, friends, and of course the emo kid. lol. well see you later. hopefully i can blog while im gone. well for now building blocks has gone under intermission. -Ryan:]

Sunday, April 5, 2009


i say im not, but i am. which sucks because i certainly dont need this right now. see 2009 has been the best year of my life so far. i won back President, got news editor, and about to go on multiple trips. not to mention me and my sponsor are totally on the same page. but, (dont you hate it when theres always a but) this year i also found a little problem. haha. a little flaw in my plan to take over the world. and this flaw is too confusing to even explain.

so yes everyone i feel as if im attached. in many different ways. i feel like im attached to my family. like they wont leave me alone! haha. its a good thing, but seriously your making it hard for me to think of the homework im not gonna do. duh! haha. im attached to my friends. who seem to have much more things going on that i didnt notice. like some friends are going to the beach, some friends are going to the movies, and some friends have psycho ex-girlfriends that wont leave them alone. Hi Char! haha. and im attached to church. like i really dont believe that without it, i would be the way i am now. i could be better though. and i met all those awesome people, except one, name starts with and S and ends with an arah. lol. and lastly im attached to...

and the wierd thing about all these attachments are that, i hate them. i'd like to think sometimes that i can survive without any of these things. one thing i said this week that makes me crack up is the whole bus comment. i should make a list of who would i throw under the bus to get ahead. a shorter list would be who i wouldnt. haha. you know im kidding people. but still this whole thing with attachments, its not gonna hold me back from what i have to do in the future. and anthony helped make me see that clearer. thanks sponsor. too bad nobody else can pick you for their sponsor without fearing me. lol. but yes im attached in four different ways. five if you count blogspot...lol. -Ryan:]

PS i know i've been making all those blog jokes about others peoples blogs, but the Reasons Why i've been doing that is... haha, esther, jordan, and jeffry. lol.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Horoscopes and Chess Boards

platonic. i have no idea what that means. but when you put it together with my horoscope it makes a hell of a lot of sense. so im reading my horoscope because its always right. and funny thing, its about the same thing i was thinking about today. haha. geminis! so bipolar. but idk, ny horoscope seems right. and i know Catholics dont believe in horoscopes, but i kinda do. Sorry God:[. but yes, i love my horoscope.

anyway enough about the Chinese. Chess. its a game of concentration and strategy. currently, i have been playing a game of chess with the people around me. some people are my sturdy pawns and others are like my horses. (what are the horses called again?) either way i love them all. but i wonder sometimes how i need to play my board in order to get things to go my way. you know, be like the Burger King Guy. but playing chess, its harder than we think. not literally, but figuratively. see, its hard to sacrifice people on a board. but to get ahead, you have to give them up. no matter how hard it may be, it gets you closer to the ultimate goal. what is the goal? thats what you have to figure out as you play. if theres one thing i learned from this past lifenight, it is that we all have a life purpose. and once its served the game is over. so live life to the fullest don't let anyone hold you back or anything. its cliche' but true. and another thing about chess, trust your army. dont think they dont care. because they do. and dont turn your back on your army either. i've learned that awhile ago. wait, did the Chinese create chess?

and with that Samichtu and Mai World has nothing on Building Blocks:P

PS My horoscope, haha, did i forget to mention what it said?