Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bitter Sweet

so last night. another WOWOWOWOWOWOW night!!! it was fun but at the same time so fricken dramatic and crazy. Sponsidate nights need to get a little less popular. haha. but yeah earlier that day found out i got a 4.0 on my report card. YES!!! haha. i was so worried but i guess God was watching over me. and later that day in confirmation and i figured out my gifts. well at least two of them anyway.
but then after all the great things that happened the most fun thing of the whole day kinda spoiled everything. which is friggenn shitty. well first too much friggen people came. i guess things cant be kept on the DL.
so then we went to wherever. H3 lookout and some other places. and then we go all the way to friggen Hawaii Kai boat harbor. and throughout the whole night my sister kept calling me off the hook.
so i had to get home before 1. that was a fricken bust. so we sped home and the worst thing ever happened. but at least were all safe and sound. but now i cant help but feel guilty. so UGH.and now im sick. sore throat, coughing, the works. well building blocks and some bad blocks on the tower. missing tadpole. still kinda suckinsh. but at the same time kinda missing someone else. hmmmmm. ok gotta go. eat me some cheeseburger to help me get better.-Ryan:]

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