Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear 2008

time is almost up and this year has challenged me out of the 16 years i've been alive. who's to say 2008 wasn't a great year though. i loved it. i mean yeah, there were some struggles. i lost President to one of my best friends. i lost a couple friends, gained some, and built a whole lot more. i mean i had struggles with church. lost faith in a lot of people and even God himself. but i was brought back everytime. memories like sposidate night, SLW, the musical, and all this other stuff make me not wanna let this year go. and i got this thing to blog about tadpole. haha. too bad too many people read it. but yeah 2008 is a year i will never forget. but in a couple more hours...here comes 2009. and many things will be on my resolution list. can't wait. so 2008, goooooooooodbyeeeeeeeeee!!! 2008 blocks on the tower and 1 for good luck! -Ryan:]

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