Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wrap Me Up and Call Me Flat!

hey everyone. i promised myself i wouldnt write about this but i am. just to get on peoples nerves.
SO TODAY (hah u thought) i had musical practice. and i have to leave my hair down tomorrow. no wax, hairspray, just all natural. T____T i had a moment there. haha. but dude thats gonna be like crazy for me. well, to be honest im ok. but i am worried for the musical cuz things arent going as planned. too many last minute changes. i swear. but just gotta make it good. so if ur in the crowd tomorrow please dont make me laugh.

kk so went shopping with kim for our day. haha. had a crazy feeling i would see jamaica there and next thing u know jamaica walks in to Tsuruya and sits on the table next to us. Telepathy i swear. bought me new shoes. haha. debut tomorrow. and bought kim a jacket for her new boy toy. haha. so gay. jk:] oh and i got gifts for some people. burdens on my wallet. haha. jk again:]
well kim and i had a great convo in the car about some things and i officially am in love with...ready...

no one. haha. tricked u again. but kinda glad. i guess. no more sob blogs. haha. and no more confusion to burden on liz. and whoever i went to. but yeah. well blocks on the tower for new shoes. BTW CHRISTMAS MUSICAL TOMORROW @ OLPH! better be there:] -Ryan:]

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