Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life Is Kinda Suckish

its all in the title. yeah so lately life has been kinda suckish. kk. so yeah i've been super busy no doubt. and i have to bring my grades up. i am borderline D. like WTH! haha. and the worst part is im not all that mad at myself about it. im just like "Oh a D, hmmm whatever!" wth is wrong with me. a couple months ago i would be going crazy now, as kaycee says, its not my priority.

second church is really not what it used to be. i go in expecting this great feeling and let down. i feel like lifeteen is not as uplifting. i mean church is great. i think nothing's changed between me and God. but when i reach lifeteen i look around and feel super out of place and the people i wanna see most are never there. which is super suckish.

third LOUJEL IS GONE. haha. shes in the PI for 3 weeks. what am i gonna do without her. oh yeah act normally. hahah. but yeah its gonna be really empty without her considering shes gone during the holidays. ugh so lame.

fourth the musical and all these other priorities. for the first time im SUPER overwhelmed. i wanna go to musical practice but no time. and i totally forgot about the NHS math meet and people got mad at me. so suckish. i said i was sorry. and to top all of that my mom doesnt want me to leave the house when its raining. thanks mom-__-

well not everything is that bad. i mean me and my family have been great. and theres only one week of school left. hmm. oh well done for now. block on the tower-Ryan:]


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