Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Old, The New, and The Unresolved

hey everyone so i just got back from lifeteen and yeah it was great. it was the kinda lifeteen im really glad i didnt leave even if i saw some people i didnt wanna see and there wasnt a lot of people.

so this blog is about the title. so lets start with the old. so lets admit it today i saw tadpole for the first time in hmmmm...idk how long. and at first all i did was ignore and ignore and ignore. until i finally sucked up my pride and said welcome back. lame right, but it started a convo and turns out im glad im finally over tadpole. but i know its still gonna take some time to say that officially and not ever think about it again. but i look at it as i guess its time for me to start over with a new slate since its almost 2009 and all those seniors could leave already...cuz u know 2010 will always be better><>

the new. this lifenight seriously opened my eyes to a lot. i got stuck in Sarah's group. and miss fbk herself talked a lot of sense into me. but that i will continue later. the new is about the new. its official. ryan has a crush. haha. and its someone i wouldve never expected. but im deciding to let this one stay with me than blabber on about it. but just know that this one, is like wow. haha.

and finally the unresolved. i guess this one has a lot to it. first where has my sponsor and i been lately? all we do is hug and say hi. no conversations at all. it kinda irks me but im letting it go seeing he has a lot on his plate. second, why is lifeteen not lifeteen anymore? i mean tonight only 21 people went. i mean we used to have 80 people. i mean have they strayed from God. and third why wont miss thomas update my grade?T___T i want an A damnit. there are so many things that are unresolved.

but then sarah taught me something tonight. whats life without obstacles? nothing. God gives us obstacles not only to make us better but to make the Promise complete and to put total trust in him. and only then will the old, the new, and the unresolved unfold. blocks on the tower! -Ryan:]

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