Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Girl Can Sang

first off FUCK YES! haha. i am officially on break and i am homework free. amazingly i might get another 4.0 but i dont wanna jynx it. but now i am priorities free! well at least from school anyway.

in other news, i decided that i am continuing the Christmas Musical and be Joseph who will most likely...actually WILL steal the show. haha. still gotta work on my humbleness. but today i met my co-star who can blow me out of the water. haha. the girl can SANG. excuse me for my slang. haha. she kicked all of our asses. some other wierd stuff happened tonight too. chris did this thing where he opened his mouth to the microphone and made the wierdest noises i've ever heard. haha. me, mixxel, and chelsea couldnt stop laughing. and i learned that i could do a perfect twirl with the colorgaurd flag on my first try. haha. also, walked with mai today. haha. that mofo is still the same. hope u do good at winterball;]. sorry im not coming. i know u wanted to dance with me. haha. jk. oh yeah and my family is all home for the holidays with the exception of one. but can't wait for the familia reunion. oh and saw my second favorite person in the world today.
-__- what a $#^. haha. kk. but gonna go. just thought id update it for liz><. haha. 3 blocks on the tower. -Ryan:]

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