Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's To Come

so i decided to write this blog for a couple reasons. for one my other blog looked lonely on December, haha. and for the other December is usually the month that scares me the most.
for one December means Christmas. which means being broke. which means no presents for friends. which means guilt when they give u something. haha. how great huh. but i'll find a way to scrummage up some money. i knew i shouldnt have quit ninja sushi that early.
second, December im gonna be busy like crazy. from deadlines with homework, to bringing up failing grades. haha. and i know the worst is still to come. oh yeah and im gonna be busy with the whole church musical thing.
which is next on my list. i know i said i wouldn't bring this up when i said i was gonna write this blog. but last year, this month, my life took a drastic change. and seeing myself now from one year ago, it kinda scares me of what is to come. and this whole christmas musical thing at church really is making me remember some of the things i've tried so hard to forget. but like i said this month will be unpredictable to say the least.
oh yeah not to mention new years is just around the corner and look out for my reinvention. haha. btw, at least we have an excuse to go shopping now right. idk. im babbling again. well one block on the tower. -Ryan:]

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