Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Head Wraps, Flat Irons, and A Cat Named Mailyn

WOAH!!! Musical is over. kinda sad. especially since i have no excuse to not help my mom anymore. lmao. so yeah musical went great. hung out there the whole day with the cast and got to know about head wraps and how to never catch a flat iron...EVER. haha. then got to ride around in a wheel chair and laugh at how many people said i look better with flat hair. T__T another sob moment. but yeah. musical went awesome and got a lot of RYAN!!! I DIDNT KNOW YOU COULD SING! thanks everyone!

so other than that, exchanged gifts with a couple people. gave mailyn her jacket. im gonna miss petting that fur. but she got me the cat from Bolt who's equally soft. so its cool. haha. and she said shes gonna get me the hamster now. haha. kinda hope she does... but im just saying. well had to name the cat mailyn and would later on see it stolen from my baby cousin that i stole back from him today. haha. sorry cuz. speaking of family my whole family saw a video of me singing and i might be forced to sing at a damn wedding. haha. thanks uncle for the great footage.

well once again thanks everyone for the support and thanks mailyn for the gift and thanks family for further embarrassment. 1-2-3 Blocks on the Tower. -Ryan:]

PS Look out for the final installments of Ryan's Building Blocks for 2008!

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Loujel ^o^ said...

aw, i never got to hear you sing yet D;