Friday, December 26, 2008

Hooray For Chrismukkah!!!

haha. so this year Christmas didn't seem like Christmas at all cuz everything went by so quickly. but in the end this year was super good. well to me anyway. so started off with my cousins birthday party on Christmas Eve. ate me some sushi ... a lot of it. haha. then went straight to midnight mass. so i was fricken running around all night and could barely hear any of the scriptures or homily. instead i was trying to find seats for people who came late to mass. -__-. hopefully God understands.

go home around 2 to 2:30. after thinking for awhile decided to call my friends until one of them finally answered. talked to them for awhile about *stuff and couldnt sleep until like 5. haha. what! i wasnt tired. got up to my sister waking me up and telling me lets open gifts. nothing better than a 22 year old telling u to wake up.

got gifts. got my red jacket to add to the collection and toilet paper from my auntie as a joke. haha. then fell asleep for like 3 hours after opening gifts. got up and went to cousins house to play guitar hero. haha. the kid got the whole damn set! what! like challenge;]

haha. so yeah Christmas was okay. but what i liked about this year was how everything that happened this month helped me to get closer to God and see the real meaning of Christmas. i mean Jesus was born on this very day and we celebrate because of him. and for that im thankful :]

so Happy Birthday Jesus! cant wait to sing to u at the musical;]
and for that blocks on the tower! -Ryan:]

PS Happy Birthday Liz!

PSS My grandma spelt my name wrong on a gift. RHYAN! Like wth! haha.

PSSS Christmas + Honnukah = Christmakkuh (The OC!)

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samichtu said...

dont you know? its cool to add an H in your name...

like lHeslie! hahaha jk and Sara is a lot better when you spell it SARAH like MY name ;] just kiiiiiding!