Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ryan...The Snob

im a snob. plain simple. i see u in the hallway and i walk right by. no hello's, no hug's, sometimes i dont even look at u. haha. so please don't feel offended when i do that. i swear that im not mad at u. its just how i choose to live life. and the fact that i cant see a thing without my glasses on. haha.

snobbing people is actually how i deal with things to. kk so there was this one time where someone was waving to me. so i waved back and next thing u know they were waving to the person behind me. so shame. haha. from that moment on i learned my lesson.

and another thing i need to bring up in this blog. i know that i haven't been very dedicated to much of anything lately. my heart is always half in it because my mind is over flowing with all the things i have to get done. a boy needs some rest ya know. and yeah, i've apologized a milion times to people already. its so bullshit. because i always apoligizize for missing out on things and next thing u know im on the front page of Let's Hate on Him Weekly. haha. but yeah it does blow over because im always the "nice kid." but just to let everyone know im gonna try and get my act together. keyword "try."

but back to what i was saying. the other day someone calls me asking if i was mad at them because i never say hi back. haha. no i wasnt. i was probably irritated or just couldnt see u. yeah i guess i do need to get contacts. but yeah. so next time i snob u, its out of love. haha. kk. block on the tower.-Ryan:]

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