Monday, December 8, 2008

What Did I Say

so last night was ghetto i swear to God. so i get to church and for some reason it felt different. oh wait lets go back. so first iwa comes to my house we do science fair. turned out our project turned out really crappy-__-. but whatever. i missed christmas musical practice. sry everyone promise i'll be there next time. and to church i go.
okay so back to where i was. church feels wierd. idk y. i just felt this feeling that something bad was gonna happen. and next thing u know it does. oh btw fricken rjay decides to scare me from behind with a huge hug. haha. funny but wth!
okay so church ends and i find out that someone i care deeply for lost something they cared deeply for. no, nobody died. but a relationship might have grown weaker. and this happened to two people not just one. and two people also are suffering trying to figure out a way to fix it. so yeah its vague but i cant really mention anything right now because its on the dl. but i was totaly blindsided. and the thing that hurt the most was i had to find out from someone else about this news. and i had to tell the other person about the news and they were sad. sorry. im being really vague right now. but it'll all make sense in awhile. promise to keep u guys updated. and for this blog no blocks on the tower.-Ryan:]

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