Saturday, May 30, 2009

Six Sides of the Block-Side 3

hola! i think i wrote that in everyone's yearbook i signed. so before i begin let me clarify this blog. a lot of people have been asking what this blog is about. like how im cherishing my best friends. but lets get this clear, this isnt about praising how much i love my best friends. its about praising those who have had a huge impact on my life. we dont have to be best friends but theyve done something that has been super impactful on me. so thats why there will be some people who shock the hell out of you. haha. and to my best friends who dont make it, dont worry i have something special to write about all of you. which leads me to the next side of my block. but remember this is a friend blog. not a sponsor or family blog.

Philip Gapusan

WTH right? haha. ok so yes im not very close with this person. but this guy had a huge impact on my life. so i went on this retreat called a YFC retreat. Youth for Christ. i wasnt very into it to be honest with you. it was so much different than lifeteen. SO much...but it turned out that i would actually get a lot out of that retreat.

so my group leader was Philip and this guy named Justin. they were of course in high school and it was wierd to talk to people around your own age. but it was interesting to clash people together who wouldnt normally talk with one another and share their experinces with God. ok so Philip was in my group. and we knew each other. he was in council, used to go to lifeteen, he was filipino. it was all chill you know. and we talked. he actually let me into his life, and i learned a lot of things about him i didnt know. we had some really great talks. he made me actually think of what God was to me. even if this guy was so young and made a lot of mistakes in his life.

so the retreat ended. i was kinda bitter about it. and then i got this letter from Philip. he said that he sees me growing in God and how much potential i had. he even gave a clue as to wanting to be my sponsor. haha. i'll be honest, i wanted Philip to be my sponsor. but, i knew that Philip wasnt ready yet. it was hard for me to see someone i looked up to leave church for awhile. well at least OLPH. and then come back but still not be the same. and even if we dont talk and were not as close, Philip did make a huge impact in my life. he made me see why God was in our lives in the first place. and even if we stray away, we can still have a huge impact in the faith of others. i know Philip is on a new journey now, but i pray that hes gonna be okay, and when he comes back, frick he better say hello. haha.

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samichtu said...

wow, this one really surprised me. but i really understand why you chose him. he's a great kid. he's my godbrother... and i wish we were closer.