Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Six Sides of The Block-Side 2

ok so here's Side 2. so far, we Side 1 belongs to Jamaica Agustin. well side 2 may come as either a surprise to many or it might be super obvious. but here it is...

Jeffry Campanero

now this one came to me as a surprise. i think me and jeff became friends afer i got a myspace. haha. he added me right away...idk why;]. haha. kidding. but i set out to make something called an Advice Blog which soon turned into a bust after all i wrote about was Tadpole. yeah, that sucked. but my first request for advice was from no one other than Jeff. about a girl named Patricia? haha. i think that was the code name right?

well i wrote it. and he wanted more advice. so xcheffeh, toopsycho4ya, and may the AIM conversations began. it started off small. we were getting to know each other. i mean we knew each other. both of us were on council, we were both boys, and yeah. i think that was it. haha. but we soon figured out we had more in common. a lot more actually.

jeff was one of the few people i opened up too. and then after the So You Think You Can Love Retreat, he decided that i was drifting away. he wrote this blog and all of this came at a surprise to me. i mean i never wanted to hurt Jeff at all. and our friendship was never the same ever since. then, at FullFilled i finally learned that he put so much trust in me and after being so busy it seemed like i didn't care. and all i could do was finally see how much i meant to him as a friend in his eyes.

jeff's helped me through soo much that i really can't thank him. that would be like nothing, he deserves more. hes been such a great friend to everyone in his life, even if he gets little in return. nevertheless, he still remains the best friend. so seeing him graduate and leave is gonna be hard because i wont have my safety net anymore when im down. but jeff, when you leave promise me you'll be there when i get to California. haha. and don't be afraid of what the world holds next.

Jamaica Agustin+Jeffry Campanero+

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