Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Week

so hello:]

ok so this past week has been one of the biggest weeks of my life. it starts a whole new chapter in the Book of Lord Ryan. so first off, i am now officially the Senior Class President and National Honor Society President as of May 22, 2009. Haha, pressure switch has just turned on. Second i got Confirmed as of May 23, 2009. That means no more Monday classes and a little less of Jamaica. Wait a minute, were both teaching Confirmation 2. Darn! haha.

so yeah three things. but its still a big week. i've worked for the past 3 years to get to the Presidency and 2 years to reach Confirmation. this big week actually is leading up to the big year. i guess its time for Ryan...Lord Ryan to fly. haha.

taking over the world one block at a time. -Ryan:]

oh yeah remember 555-EASY!

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Kimber said...

i'm Proud of you! && I believe in you!
<3, kim