Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Six Sides of the Block-Side 1

so hello everyone! a lot of people are doing this whole VIP BLOG stuff, so i was inspired. it got me thinking of the book the Five People You Meet In Heaven. I didn't read it, but form the title it seemed like tears kind of book. haha. so i came up with Six Sides of the Block, the 6 people who personally changed my life. and i could only choose from friends so it was hard to narrow down the 6. some of my bestfriends never even made the list. but i chose the first 3 already. but im only going to do one side everyday. for the next 10 days. haha, just in case i get lazy to do one i gave myself 4 extra days. so side one belongs to...


Jamaica. where do i start? so i got to know Jamaica my freshmen year. all i knew of her was that she was what, pretty? haha. well not really until she got bangs but whatever. haha. we really didn't get close until sophomore year when we decided that we would do broadcast together. and then the original Rymai began.

of course we aren't Rymai anymore, but we still are Ryan and Jamaica, attached to the mother fricken hip. so we got super close, and this huge snag hit our friendship. she took my Presidency. everyone knew Ryan valued his Presidency. haha. but she got it. and all i could do was sit and secretly be jealous and angry and all these emotions built up. but, we stayed close and we even got closer somehow.

over the summer we went ot SLW where we met the ever infamous Jenah(Jena)(Jenna) idk how to spell her name. but whatever. but then school came around. one day i just couldn't take the fact that she had almost everything i wanted. and it hit me and i broke down in Sensei's room. whoa, that sucked big time. i thought i hated her. but in reality i didn't. we didn't talk for like a week when she finally came up to me and we had a "Hills" moment. since then we've been FRENEMIES.

i remember this one day i gave her my Philia heart. you better still have it. it was talking about a friend that we value in life during the retreat. and out of everyone i gave it to her. it meant a lot. she keeps it in her Bible:]

mark this on May 26, 2009, Jamaica said she would date me if i fit her type. haha. but like i said me and Jamaica are attached to the hip. Side 1, belongs to Jamaica Agustin. she changed my life in more ways than one. she taught me not to take life for granted, and all the gift we had. marked me down for every type of concietedness. and she built her trust in me. and not to mentio she got me addicted to Honey Mustard Sauce. i love my island in the pacific. and were gonna be attached by the hip for another year-___-. nah nah kidding:]

Jamaica Agustin+

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