Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome Back to Blocks

its funny. i think i sat here for days trying to figure out what i should write about. i mean my last few blogs have been filled with what i was feeling at the moment and all the decisions i made in the moment. but since ive had time to think ive reconsidered some decisions and affirmed others.

well first off my Smile Kiddo blog where i said that i hated someone. haha. i take that back. i was so angry that i was harsh about what i was saying. it made me forget about everything i learned about God is love not hate. haha, so let me say that i don't hate anyone. they hurt me real bad so i took it out on them thinking that i hated them. but in reality i was just super angry at the situation and my reaction was an immature one. but yeah, not to say that i love the person. still dislike them. haha.

second. in my Wake-Up Call blog, i said that i would leave Lifeteen for a while to figure things out. im making that decision final. i have to take time off from lifeteen. i think its necessary for me to do so. my feelings are that people aren't there for the right reasons. and who am i to talk? sometimes i forget why im really there. but there are other resons holding me back to. well i was asked to go back to one more lifenight by a special core member. other than that one night i'll be gone until further notice. but i hope everyone continues to keep the spiritual high within lifeteen without me.

thrid. fuck have i become super conceited. damn it jamaica. lol
fourth. i gave up. i had so many different choices but none seemed right. so just sitting again. frick im stubborn. maybe i shouldve listened to some friends.
fifth. Did i win NHS President?
sixth. this damn trip over the summer is making me miss all these grad parties
seventh. Daisy from Daisy of Love...i wanna date her:](LOL!)
eighth. pudgy cheeks and chinky eyes. haha.

and lastly, things are about to get a whole lot better or the blocks will crumble. -Ryan:]

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