Friday, May 15, 2009


so today we passed the flags...and im officially a SENIOR!!!!! but im starting to figure out im doing WAY TOO MUCH for Senior Year. Ok, so here's the list of responsibilities;
1.Senior Class President:]
2.Newswriting Editor
3.National Honor Society President
4.Saber Media
5.AP English
6.AP Psychology
7.Teaching Confirmation 2

and thats not even all of it. College, Scholarships, being sexy is all i have to add on to that list. and of course work on the conceitedness. haha:]

but it leaves the question...Am i Going to have a life? yes, senior year is meant to be the time where we just relax. hang out with friends, eat our hearts out, get fat, look at ourselves, tell everyone were getting fat, and then practically starve to get rid of the fat, but it never works. yeah thats what Senior Year should be. im kidding folks.

Senior Year, so ive heard, is the time to chill with friends and walk slowly to class. (im serious someone told me that!) but from what ive heard Senior Year is the defining moment of the twelve years of your life in school. so then i think, Why the Hell am i doing so much?

i think three years ago i said that i would get Senior President so i can speak at grad and NHS President so it looks good on me. well it came true. and i love it! but is it too much? all i have to say is that i made a choice a long time ago that i would do whatever it took to prove myself that i was the best. and this is the way i chose to do it. i know im gonna give up a lot of my life to do it, but in the end i know it'll be worth it. i turned out fine so far. i have a shit load of best friends, a supporting family, and my faith. so bring on Senior Year cuz Lord Ryan Lizardo is taking over. (damn i gotta work on that concieted thing><) -Ryan:]



You'll do awesome your senior year :) I know it.
You have a long road ahead of you but I believe that you'll shine either way!


It's Mailyn fool! said...

Lol so opposite of my blog. Good luck kiddo. (;