Thursday, July 2, 2009

LA- Life Altering

so i've been in LA for three weeks...

actually before i begin, i havent been on blogspot for what two months. so i gave up on 6 sides lol. the other three though will be secret. maybe i can write about them later.

anyway ive been in LA...

wait one more other thing. i heard a lot of people have switched over to Tumblr? haha. should i switch?

anyway LA. I changed my hair, bought new clothes, and i changed my attitude about where im going. not going to explain but these past three weeks have been the best three weeks i could ask for this summer. sorry Searider kids.i had more fun and spent more money.

i build blocks in LA:]

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Anonymous said...

I'm on tumblr~
if you decide to make one:
follow me, lmao