Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smile Kiddo

you know what,i love when people underestimate me because it gives me a chance to prove them wrong. ever since winning President i've had this whole thing that because im President i have to do everything perfectly. and its true. i have to make the best year for our Senior year. and i will. trust me i will. and i know i have a lot on my plate. and yes, today i officially took back the reigns. it was scary to know that people had to go to me again if anything went wrong. i relied on Jamaica a lot and i didnt even realize. but it just means i have to get used to the fact that im President again. but dont fricken expect me to be perfect right away. i mean nobody can just get back into the groove of something like that.

so yes. im stacked for next year. Senior Class President, Newswriting Editor, 2 AP Classes, College Applications, Saber Media, Teaching Confirmation 2 and not to mention make a Kick Ass speech for graduation. and guess what...I KNOW I DESERVE ALL OF IT. i worked my ass off to get where i am. and if you think i dont deserve it your just fricken jealous. so to that bitch in council who wouldnt shut their mouth whenever i tried to talk i will make sure that will never happen again. just because you lost dont mean you have to be pissed at everything im doing. and to add on to that i am going to make the newspaper better. not to say it wasnt great this year, cuz i loved this years newspaper and editors. hooray for angie, alyssa, and ron. but me and vinh are gonna make it better. but if you think we dont deserve to be editors, well i dont see you in newswriting learning layout.

so continue to doubt me, because trust me i will prove you wrong. i have so many people to support me. especially God. and marinelle is right. let me be blunt and say i worked my ass off for this and you didnt. so why should i listen to what you guys think cuz in the end guess who's in charge? so im gonna keep smiling kiddos and build my blocks. -Ryan:]

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Keem :3 said...

hehe. love ya, kidd. <3