Thursday, April 2, 2009

Horoscopes and Chess Boards

platonic. i have no idea what that means. but when you put it together with my horoscope it makes a hell of a lot of sense. so im reading my horoscope because its always right. and funny thing, its about the same thing i was thinking about today. haha. geminis! so bipolar. but idk, ny horoscope seems right. and i know Catholics dont believe in horoscopes, but i kinda do. Sorry God:[. but yes, i love my horoscope.

anyway enough about the Chinese. Chess. its a game of concentration and strategy. currently, i have been playing a game of chess with the people around me. some people are my sturdy pawns and others are like my horses. (what are the horses called again?) either way i love them all. but i wonder sometimes how i need to play my board in order to get things to go my way. you know, be like the Burger King Guy. but playing chess, its harder than we think. not literally, but figuratively. see, its hard to sacrifice people on a board. but to get ahead, you have to give them up. no matter how hard it may be, it gets you closer to the ultimate goal. what is the goal? thats what you have to figure out as you play. if theres one thing i learned from this past lifenight, it is that we all have a life purpose. and once its served the game is over. so live life to the fullest don't let anyone hold you back or anything. its cliche' but true. and another thing about chess, trust your army. dont think they dont care. because they do. and dont turn your back on your army either. i've learned that awhile ago. wait, did the Chinese create chess?

and with that Samichtu and Mai World has nothing on Building Blocks:P

PS My horoscope, haha, did i forget to mention what it said?


samichtu said...


hahaha my horoscopes are never right! haha i stopped believing in them long ago, before i found out that we're not supposed to believe them

interesting to read tho. especially because mines usually tell me i'll fall in love every damn month hahahahaha

samichtu said...

or wait, it was meet a new guy or something

jamaica said...

i looooove to read my horoscopes as well.

but the horses i think are called knights. lol.

Loujel ^o^ said...

haha, i AM a gemini too :D & hell yeah, we are very bipolar -________-