Sunday, April 5, 2009


i say im not, but i am. which sucks because i certainly dont need this right now. see 2009 has been the best year of my life so far. i won back President, got news editor, and about to go on multiple trips. not to mention me and my sponsor are totally on the same page. but, (dont you hate it when theres always a but) this year i also found a little problem. haha. a little flaw in my plan to take over the world. and this flaw is too confusing to even explain.

so yes everyone i feel as if im attached. in many different ways. i feel like im attached to my family. like they wont leave me alone! haha. its a good thing, but seriously your making it hard for me to think of the homework im not gonna do. duh! haha. im attached to my friends. who seem to have much more things going on that i didnt notice. like some friends are going to the beach, some friends are going to the movies, and some friends have psycho ex-girlfriends that wont leave them alone. Hi Char! haha. and im attached to church. like i really dont believe that without it, i would be the way i am now. i could be better though. and i met all those awesome people, except one, name starts with and S and ends with an arah. lol. and lastly im attached to...

and the wierd thing about all these attachments are that, i hate them. i'd like to think sometimes that i can survive without any of these things. one thing i said this week that makes me crack up is the whole bus comment. i should make a list of who would i throw under the bus to get ahead. a shorter list would be who i wouldnt. haha. you know im kidding people. but still this whole thing with attachments, its not gonna hold me back from what i have to do in the future. and anthony helped make me see that clearer. thanks sponsor. too bad nobody else can pick you for their sponsor without fearing me. lol. but yes im attached in four different ways. five if you count -Ryan:]

PS i know i've been making all those blog jokes about others peoples blogs, but the Reasons Why i've been doing that is... haha, esther, jordan, and jeffry. lol.


charmainerizi said...

AMEN! to the psycho ex-girlfriend my brotha D;

samichtu said...

well EXCUSE me! You're totally attached to me. and when I die, you'll cry. thanks bu.