Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love and Sex and Cactus

lol. i got that title from the Ciara song. anyway WELCOME BACK TO HAWAII RYAN! lol. it felt like i was gone forever. the traffic, the people, the emo, i mean i missed all of it for the 6 short days i was gone. but now im back and make my triumphant return into your lives. sorry, i like to pretend im a wrestler when i go away and return to make a huge splash. haha. im wierd like that.

so Arizona was way better than i expected. the shopping over there was fricken awesome. like the malls were huge. the people were fricken rude. like when we went to the planetorium, which was actually really cool, there was a field trip with this school. from that point on i hate elementary school kids from Arizona. they threw things at all of us. Esther and Alyssa wanted to smack them. At least Daniel pretended he had terets and scared the shit out of them. lol. oh yeah, i learned a lot at the convention too. gotta start prepping to become the new Newswriting Editor-in-Chief. oh and the JEA dance was fricken hilarious. we took pictures of all the sexual things on the dance floor. lol

that was Arizona. California was cool too. went to Disneyland for the first time and rode almost everything. i got heat exhaustion and almost collapsed. i made a kid cry because i said mickey mouse was a guy in a costume. and saw a little girl sleeping on the ground. all in fun. i think the funniest part of the trip was when Daniel prank called a McDonald's asking what to order. lol the lady told us to come look at the menu.

anyway the trip was awesome. but im back and ready to go back to school. well not school but see all the friends. haha. ok well Building Blocks is off intermission and will proceed shortly. -Ryan:]

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