Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello From AZ

so its homework time in Phoenix which means time to BUILD BLOCKS! lol. no, im trying to catch up on Yoneshige's homework. well, Arizona is colder than i thought, its Great for Shopping, and the rice and water suck. haha. but its cool. so i'm using Ram's laptop to write this blog and i'm scared that he knows i'm using it for this.

so the whole convention is pretty cool. except the fact that we look like the total odd balls. like its wierd being the tourists when were used to bashing on them in Hawaii. there's a lot of white people and little to no Filipino's/Asians. haha. but hopefully we can catch a few before we leave. sessions are cool. me and ron have been partners for almost everything and our whole clan keeps getting shocked by our van. it's kinda hilarious when we get out and into the car. nobody wants to touch it and in the end we get shocked anyway.

so yeah, why are you guys texting me that you miss me after one day im gone. thanks:] good to see that you guys cant live 24 hours without Lord Ryan Lizardo. haha. but yeah. i miss you guys to. well sorta. JK. so now were gonna go do more shopping and see white kids get freaky on the dance floor. stay cool and keep building blocks or whatever you guys do on your blogs. Ryan:]

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