Monday, April 27, 2009

Blue's Clues

So i like the show Blue's Clues. Do they even show it anymore? Well, that's not the point. So anyway, i've learned that everyone in life is a detective. We all try to find the right clues in order to put a complicated puzzle together. and sometimes, the result isn't what we expected. If you were in my shoes you would be able to see how many mysteries i've been trying to solve. each of them having some special twist that i have to consider.

Have i missed out? i think i've over analyzed a mystery and in the end may have lost out on something that leaves me guessing, was i right all along? yes, every mystery has a twist. but sometimes the twist in a mystery could totally be your fault and you may not even know it. and in the end, if you didn't mess up, it could've been a mystery that once it was solved opened many doors of oppurtunity. but i leave the question of that one missing clue. In Blue's clues you need only 3 clues to solve a simple mystery that you know the answer to after clue #2. Not to mention how Steve never finds the clue until your yelling at the screen of how idiotic or blind he was. but we all are Steve once in awhile. totally blind to what's in front of us.

final thought(haha, i stole mai's thing) Blue's Clues needs only 3 clues and life needs many. I guess my tower was to high to see what could've been right in front of my face. -Ryan:]


It's Mailyn fool! said...

Lol im gonna call you steve. (:

jamaica said...

i really like this blog of yours today, and i hate the black because the white pops up so much the black background hurts my eyes -___- change it.