Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Frogs

it's simple, to say things that you don't mean. or even do things you don't mean. lately, i've contemplated on how a plan can get mixed up into something that you weren't ready for. something you weren't ready for that next thing you know would be in Mai's World. like a joke that turned out would backfire on you. yeah, that's the word backfire. haha.

i was talking in the car one day with my friend. this one guy who looks exactly like a certain pudgy cheeked guy who went to my church. exactly like him, just cut your hair and meet the twins. lol. well, we were talking about past issues i used to have. things that are kinda over. keyword there is kinda. but one thing led to another and we began talking about present day life. my life as a covergirl. haha. (JK) anyway, i told him a few things and being mr. blunt he never held back anything on his mind. i love people like that...if they dont do it all the time though:]

Well, my friend was super cool about everything. and even if i know one day that this friend will be gone, for now im glad i have them. even if he looks like... WTF. haha. but one thing he did tell me was why fear the worst? or at least i got that out of that conversation anyway. cherish the people you have now. life is too short to just wait and wonder. and waiting and wondering...everyone knows i hate that:D

but why is this entitled little frogs? because, it just is. if you haven't noticed my blogs are like puzzles. you never know what it means until you get the full story. and trust me it makes sense people, it does. just put together the puzzle. too bad i don't just Spill the Bottle or teach Life Lessons or even count my days wrong on the 40 Days and 40 Nights of Lent. haha. Ryan:]

PS Dear...


It's Mailyn fool! said...

Oh hells no! I counted correct! I just didnt know that sundays didn't count! & I think I knew who your talking about. I'm just lost on what you told him. o_O Update me BOY!!

samichtu said...

how come you dont read my blogs? lmao just kidding love you :]