Saturday, February 28, 2009

These Walls

i notice that i dont like to open up to much people at all. what's funny is i can be the most loud and outspoken person in the room, but sometimes i can be the quietest. i hate it. but i cant really change it. i was kinda built that way. it takes a lot for me to trust someone. so yeah, thats why im not a talkbox at times. which may explain my problem with a certain something in my life. but, that is my little token for now.

speaking of tokens, i noticed that my pig is getting full of tokens but none of them as shiny as the one i had before. many of them come close. one token in particular. idk why i feel that when this one token talks to another token i get super jealous. its stupid lol. dumb token! the building blocks make no cents anymore? get it cents is like sense. lol.

and a little lent update. i have stayed true to the whole meat thing. havent cheated, yet. haha. i hope i dont slip up. i still seriously havent found what im giving up on yet. or gaining. can you say super behind? what i dont get is when people give up something ridiculous. like rice. i mean how is giving up rice gonna bring you closer to God? lol. one thing i cant give up...building blocks. Ryan:]

i dont like this blog. im gonna build a new one><
but you guys read it anyway^__^

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