Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jet Crash Enclosed

I find it cool to say the word jet now. i think its my favorite word. lol. well apart from my new jet obsession, i would like to say that ryan has now put himself in a new category. so today i let my inner beyonce out. aka diva. haha.

so i absolutely hate when people never know how to keep their comments to themselves and think that they rule the world. not to say that i dont want to rule the world, lol, but at least im not obnoxious enough to interrupt everyone if they dont believe the same thing i do. so today i decided to play that character with two people who do this shit everyday. haha. felt good to give em a piece of their own medicine. felt bad afterwards though. its not me to just do that yaknow. haha. but oh well.

today i also did something i havent done in awhile. chapel time for ryan. the best thing when your day is just tiring and stressful is to have a sit down with God and just talk. i love talking out loud in there. its so peaceful^___^

lastly i never realized how much i cared about this person, but i do. i really hope this person doesnt get hurt. i guess when people ask me who i sort of look up to now, i might have an answer. lol. oh and to answer the question on my last blog, it takes approximately 12 blocks to smash a teacher. ^__- -Ryan:]

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