Friday, February 13, 2009

What's The Skinny?

ive been busy! haha. kk so i am officially Junior Newswriting Editor in training. lol. i finally understand what it takes to make 20 pages of news that might end up in a trash can in two weeks. it better not though, cuz making that thing takes a lot of time, creativity, and a lot of patience(something im not very good at><) but now i like praise angeline. shes amazing at doing what she does.

well NHS hasnt been very good. plans are always changing and mistakes are always made. mostly by the Juniors. sorry. lol. but i hope we can make everything smoother. and math is killing me and a whole lot of other upperclassmen. i mean most of us are failing because its hard to say one word without hearing a sophomore ask a question. one in particular><. haha. but im making that up. now i have a C. horrible but better than an F.

then theres the election. omg. biggest election EVER. haha. running for President so please support me on March 3 by voting in room G107. tell all your friends. once again my full name is LORD RYAN LIZARDO. so please check my box. haha.

then today on Friday the 13th i got my permit. haha. long time coming. but now i can drive...well legally anyway. today i also went to Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and afterward walked around Campbell with liz reminiscing on how were all grown up. lame! lol. btw im starting to like in someone with. huh? haha. so blocks on the tower, one block falls, and finally smashes a frog. -Ryan:] (sometimes i confuse myself)

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It's Mailyn fool! said...

Good. Now you gotta take drivers ed. lol