Wednesday, February 4, 2009

May The Game Begin

hey everyone so i know i havent blogged in awhile, right? lol. well heres to quench your thirst. so i'm starting to see that i can be very sneaky, observative, and deceptive. i have all these plans up my sleeve and its finally coming into action. do i obsess over this? NO. but sometimes i cant help but feel like i need to be playing a game at all times to get ahead in life. that may make no sense but whatever.

i mean these plans arent bad. not at all. some of them revolve aroud church. some of them revolve around school. and some may revolve around the craziest things. but they arent bad. see my game is to see how i can get ahead of the pack without getting too ahead of myself. currently my game has taken a whole new level. im starting to realize the people i need in life are the people in front of me. and i love them all. (haww touching moment right><)certain people care for you enough to do anything they can to help you get ahead of life. but there are some people you really cherish that try to stop your life in a way without even knowing it. do i have a friend like that? yup. we all do.

see a friend of mine plans his life three years in advance. a game i will never play. haha. but he's taught me that i have to start strategizig for the future if you know what i mean.

but what's the point here. see i try to get ahead in life with the support from the people i know want to help me in the game. and now i just need to make a choice of whether or not to get rid of the people holding me back. see as my tower grows higher my game gets a little more complicated. and now with another block on top of it lets hope that it doesnt completely topple over. -Ryan:]

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