Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Funny

so today was the beginning of lent. it was great except for the cold weather and the loads of homework. can't wait to fail a trig test again:[ anyway it's funny how this years beginning of such a wonderful season in the church can be so different from one year ago.

one year ago i made a call to someone to pick me up. they didnt answer the first time but called me back. told me that they'll be there in a few cuz they were taking a shower. next thing you know i hopped into that silver thing and we were off. please don't stop the music was playing on the radio and we talked about the AP classes i would be taking at the point im at now. told me i was crazy and was gonna die. so far im alive and passing. lol. but got to church and told them that they left their lights on. after they turned them off, walked into church and stayed in the back while they found a seat in the front. got the ashes on my forehead and mass ended. waited for what seemed like an hour to go home with them only to be swooped up into my sponsors car instead. teased me about how i didnt ride with them and argued until i got home 2 minutes later. forgave each other and sat in my room and thought for a long time.

its funny how i remember that night to a tee. but tonight, was super different from last year. i wasnt as happy. not even close. i guess i do miss a lot of things. so what am i giving up for lent? more like what im gonna gain from it. but one things for sure, i need to give up on these memories. building blocks for 40 days and 40 nights. -Ryan:]

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samichtu said...

whatchu mean was different? we were still waiting for our rides... hahahaha jk =]