Monday, February 16, 2009

See Spot Run?

so today was the Great Aloha Run. but before that lets backtrack. so last night was lifenight and the much anticipated,(but much questioned) landon and sarah's wedding. but the night turned out to listening to Father Alex(lol) talking about the same damn thing all over again. irked much? haha. so we ate dinner, laughed at jamaica, and had deep conversation with tiffany and rjay plus andrea. it was about inner issues. cant go deep into that one. but it'll all unfold sooner or later. ::cough:: retreat ::cough:: lol. but then had a sit down with sarah and got tough love. haha. but was worth every second.

so then got home around 10 and then watched tv. headed to bed but didnt sleep due to my over active imagination and contemplative thinking. ugh! and i had to leave the house at 3:40 AM. GREAT! so left the house met at Starbucks around 4 and rode with winnie all the way to the water station by Wendys. it was worth waking up at 4 in the morning to throw cold water at people until shaun threw his water at me><. right in my face. lol. so then after Great Aloha Run a couple of us went cruising to Zippy's, then Yogurtland, and then Jungle Fun in Ala Moana. lol. i got to drive. haha. and i never crash into anything! three claps for ryan:]

Then got home and Crashed. haha. luckily Pokemon had a marathon to wake me up. btw one question, how many blocks does it take to smash a teacher? -Ryan:]


samichtu said...

much anticipated but much questioned... haha funny :]

It's Mailyn fool! said...

depends, which teacher?