Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jet Anxiety

i noticed that i put jet in all my titles now. well anyway, this whole week has been nothing but a lot of waiting, lies, and a crap load of confusion! why is it that people lie to you to build the suspense factor. i hate that.

first off, the election is over. i hope i won. will they just tell us already? and second off, i hate that i'm still hung up over things. and with all those things i'm hung up over, it gets me in bad situations. situations i don't need to be in. situations that confuse me. it gets me so riled up and eventually i get quiet and i look like i'm about to kill someone. that's my thinking face everyone. lol.

so with that said, i'm so happy retreat is coming up. i need it. i need someone to push me so hard all this anxiety will come up in tears. lol. challenge, the first person to make me cry on the retreat will get a special prize. jk. haha. but here's the thing folks. there's so much things on my mind right now. too bad the world will never know. i build blocks, what do you build? -Ryan:]

this blog is short. lol.^^

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