Friday, January 16, 2009

With One Storm Comes Two

yo. so i havent blogged in awhile, but today...i have something to blog about. first, today was the supposed storm. haha. that meant no school which was great...until i woke up. i just so happened to catch strep throat durng the night. it hurt so badddd.

so i decided why not go doctor right. wait for my mom and all of a sudden we get into an argument. something about me being lazy. oh well. so we get in the car and are off to the doctor. then other stuff happened and soon enough were in West Lock in the car just waiting. ugh! so ghetto huh. we didnt make it to the doctor and my mom and me werent talking at all. so my dad picks me up and we go home cuz im fricken tired. but that time in the car in West Lock made me think of how weak me and my family could be sometimes. luckily everything had straigtened out at home and were all one big happy family again...for now. thank God for retreat next weekend. so let the Building Blocks fall and for all of it up! -Ryan:]

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