Monday, January 19, 2009


not sick anymore. hoooooorray! lol. kk anyway choices. what's funny about choices is that you made them...right? i ponder this a lot because i believe God does create a path but is it already created or is it created day by day from what you choose? but this isnt those religious blogs. no sir.

so a couple nights ago when i couldnt sleep i started thinking of this guy. at one point i used to look up to him. he was like this cool guy who seemed pretty cool and had the same interests in me... to a we went on this retreat and it so happened he was my group leader. he was like a couple years older than me so i thought it was wierd. and dude we bonded. at one point i was gonna ask him to be my sponsor. but with one snap of a finger, he changed in a way. and i changed in a way. and by choice i picked someone else to be my sponsor and always thought what happened. so i CHOSE to stop talking to him. i mean i wasnt mad it was just one of those things like you knew he was supposed to be someone to look up to like a sponsor but tured out to be the opposite.

so now i look back at that and think did i make the wrong choice? and if i did would i go back and fix it? the answer to both of those questions is no. i made that decision for a reason so why regret it. and that goes for every decision in my life. so where i am, im all chill. maybe i can get a good nights sleep now. put a block on that tower son. -Ryan:]

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