Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free Genki?

hi everyone! so i havent blogged since the 1st day of 2009 so here it is to quench ur thirst.
so u know what i hate...broken promises. hate em. like whats been happening a lot lately, "i'll call u back." i mean i get it if its once or twice but frick so many times. and im not singling out anybody cuz so may people did it to me this year and last year. haha. and it just gets to me. idk y? just does. i mean one time i woke up at 7 in the morning thinking that i was going out at 8. no call back. so i ended up calling them and time changed to 11. wtf!
haha. ok so u know what i love...being treated to Genki. it makes u feel rich, when in reality ur sooo poor u cant afford a yellow plate. my sister treated me to Genki 3 times this week out of the 4 times we went. haha. so good yeah. but feels good making the person who fricken yells at u 24/7 to pay for ur food.
and if u havent heard i got a haircut. haha. its gonna grow in to this look ive wanted for awhile. so if youve seen it and hate it...just wait brah! haha. so with that Let the Blocks Fall cuz this is Ryan's Building Blocks! (Hooray for catchphrase!) -Ryan:]

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